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Originally Posted by Jacob Reinhart View Post
I found a Godin 5th avenue on line. It doesn't have pick ups, just acoustic. Has anyone played one? They are not on their web site anymore so I assume they are discontinued. They now make the same guitar with a single P 90. Will I regret not having a pick up? I recently sold my semi hollow body because I very seldom played it and always reached for my acoustics.

Yes, Godin discontinued the acoustic -only Fifth Avenue. I own one I bought used this year. My personal opinion (which is hardly credible since I mostly play classical guitar) is that I like the sound of the thing. It's been a lot of fun to experiment with using different techniques. The guitar has many detractors on this forum - and some strong supporters, though mostly they seem to be talking about the electrified models.

That said, I wouldn't call the acoustic model a superior archtop acoustic guitar compared to a much higher dollar Eastman - at least from the clips I've heard on You Tube. As an affordable, good sounding, well made archtop it does the job well for me.
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