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Default Shadow Nanoflex pickup

Unfortunately it seems that Epiphone may have fitted a cheaper Nanoflex-ish pickup. Beilieve me, it doesn't seem to be a proper one. (I'm choosing my words carefully.) It's obvious when it's removed. The difference is like night and day. Instead of picking up the sound of the strings, the replacement (real one) picks up the sound of the guitar top, rich and full. The monel strings reduce the top end. The bronze/nickel alloy is not as bright as phosphor/bronze.
I had mine fitted by Jeff Beer (Zero One Guitars), a luthier from Pencader, Wales. He made a superb job of it. The volume pot was unreliable, causing distortion, and so as it could not be removed it was left out of the wiring. He fitted the preamp in the original jack socket and the battery in the original battery box. I use a volume pedal for real time volume changes but the amp controls for overall volume setting.
The guitar now punches way above its weight. It's a fantastic instrument, superb value. But it will only be the cogniscenti (those that know) who get the best out of this guitar. It really comes in under the radar. The cheap electronics will always sully its reputation, but invest in one, make the changes and you'll have a jewel!
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