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Originally Posted by JohnHuff View Post
I was disappointed with the brittle sound of the original pickup, also the 1st string was too quiet. I had the p/u replaced with a Shadow Nanoflex and the difference is AMAZING! It gives the true acoustic sound of the guitar (not the elecric sound which will inevitably come from a conventional p/u no matter how good). Equipped with Martin Retro Monel strings all the brashness has gone and the guitar is sweet and even in response right through the range. The only downside is that the onboard controls, which were themselves a bit iffy, are now defunct. I use my amp's eq (AER Compact 60) and a volume pedal for live situations. I now have the guitar I wanted. Shame it was spoilt by cheap electronics in the first place.
the original pickup is a shadow nanoflex, as per Epiphone....

Now with the eSonic™ HD preamp and Shadow NanoFlex™ HD Under-saddle pickup, you can plug in any Masterbilt Century archtop acoustic/electric into an amp or any PA and hear your guitar’s beautiful and dynamic true acoustic tone on any size stage. For flattop guitarists who have only played old plywood archtops, the sound of a Masterbilt Century guitars will be a revelation. Get ready for a totally new acoustic guitar experience!
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