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Only "customizing" I can see from the photos is the addition of a Lafayette Electronics "Johnny Smith" style pickup/pickguard assembly, which IMO dates from the mid/late-60s and appears to be of Japanese manufacture (I recall seeing similar pickguards back in the day, in both one- and two-pickup versions, bearing the Kent brand); in addition the ribbed tailpiece, lack of f-hole binding, and two-color sunburst suggest an early ('52-53) production date (FYI I had a NYC-made '46 Epiphone Blackstone archtop that had the identical tailpiece, and I've seen early-50's Epi Zeniths that had them as well), and those individual Waverly tuners (similar to the oval-button Grover Sta-Tites used on midline Gretsch instruments through the mid-60's) identify yours as a top-line Harmony for the period. While you could probably make a few bucks hawking the hardware (especially the tuners) on Reverb/eBay, I'd sooner keep the package intact and restore it to playability...
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