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They've been bombing on the market for a couple years now: not a value-per-dollar like the Godin 5th Avenue or Loar LH-300 (or even the Eastman 600-Series), lacking the historical accuracy to make them appealing to the vintage Epi fans (FYI they have the hardware/trim to do so - they already use it on a number of other models), iffy electronics, an acoustic tone that's neither fish not fowl, and an unwieldy neck profile. FYI a couple years ago one dealer told me (off the record) that they knew they blew it, and that they were considering a cosmetically/structurally more-accurate lineup (meaning either carved tops or all-carved depending on model) aimed at the successful Eastman lineup and competitively priced, once they discontinued/cleared out the substantial existing stock (and, I presume, offset the considerable cost of tooling); whether or not it comes to pass is up in the air as of now - personally I'm holding out for a non-cut '41 Emperor similar to the '39 Epiphone produced in Japan about 25 years ago - but massive price cuts are generally a sign of imminent discontinuation...
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