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Originally Posted by blindboyjimi View Post
Sorry about the “cheapo” 16 year old, discolored TKL case, but that’s what it came with. I’m glad you’re loving it enough to give it a really nice case.

One quick note, I keep 2 “special cases” to ship my vintage guitars, a Calton and a Karura. All my other OMs as well as the 1933 OM-18, 1936 000-18 and the 1937 000-18 fit either but yours was a bit deeper than the others and would not fit. You might want to just double check the tail end vs the Hoffee specs. I think I remember yours being 4 1/4”. I don’t know if all Nick’s OMs are now that way or if for some reason yours was built a bit deeper than traditional OMs, but it’s worth a 30 second check.
Hi Jim! I didn't mean that as a knock on you (just the case lol) and I'm sorry if you took it that way. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and the guitar was in even better shape than you described

It actually wasn't even a TKL, but some random brand called Golden Gate that sells for $79.99 new on MF. Just wasn't going to cut it for the dry winters where I am. So I saved up some more money and contacted Franklin Guitars.

Thanks for the tip on the dimensions. I just measured: 4-1/8" at the end graft. Maybe you're thinking of a different guitar? This one conforms to standard OM specs, with the typical Franklin upper bout of 11.5".

(Sorry to derail your thread, Martin!)
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