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Default Cordoba guitars


My experience with Cordoba guitars is limited to owning one and having played a few of their models. Back in 2007 I bought a 45FCE handmade in Spain which didn't before the purchase.
Cosmetically is really nice, but the neck feels rough possibly because of the frets. I cannot get used to it after all this time. It has an intonation problem that I couldn't resolve on my own despite trying a variety of strings from different manufacturers. I'm not sure if it's worth investing in a fret job without knowing if this will solve the problem.
It has a punchy tone useful for live situations. I'm not crazy about the Fishman electronics either as they make it sound very thin even with treble and presence off. IMO sounds better on a bigger PA vs small two speaker setup. I like it unplugged, but the intonation issue makes it impossible to record with.
Comparing to my old Takamine EC132SC it is not as nearly as playable having the same nut width.
A couple of days ago I played a GK model which I liked a lot despite the buzz happening on the bottom strings. It has a nice finish, and it's miles ahead in the playability department than the 45FCE I own. In Sam Ash they have only one GK and one C10. I didn't care about the C10 at all. The price is right for GK model, but this time I'd like to play before I pay. I'd like to find one with B-Band electronics though.
It felt like the GK might be a worthy replacement for the 45FCE. I wish SA or GC have more than one in stock though.
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