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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
I was right up front for a Who show in around 1970 - they were opening for the Association. You couldn't call it "front row" because it was more of a mosh pit situation (long before the term was coined) only with girls, which was nice. Daltrey had a lot of fun swinging his SM58 really low over the crowd, lariat style. And a beautiful blonde girl named Connie something took a jagged, flying chunk of SG Special right in the forehead and bled all over both of us. Fun times!
My band opened for the WHO once, in a town hall somewhere - no stage door! We played our set and the curtains closed (that had those once), their roadies dragged our stuff back stage , and the Who's stuff forward, and we thought, we'll go out front and watch the show. Exit was OMLY by an ordinary wooden door stage right. We decided to exit as Messrs Daltrey, Moon Townshend and Entwhistle were running the gauntlet through the crowd - they hit that door at full speed. I was at the front of my band, got thrown down on the floor - one of them stepped on my chest. Dunno which one.

Spent most of their act chatting up Adam Faith's cousin, or niece or something.
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