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Originally Posted by RockyRacc00n View Post
...With an acoustic guitar (large bout and thicker body) I have a place to rest my arm in that position but with an electric, there isnít that mass for me to rest on...
If you're an experienced guitarist, playing shouldn't be causing you undue fatigue/pain or forcing your body into unnatural positions - I've got a near-mint Epiphone Ultra 339 that'll be going in trade in the not-too-distant future for just that reason (in this case neck thickness/contour that causes major left-hand issues if I play for extended periods)...

If you feel you need the extra body width/depth, fine - get rid of the Tele and pick up something better-suited to your physical needs...

Since Frank already suggested the Godin Kingpin/CW II and Korean-made Gretsch Electromatic 5400/5600-Series (thanks, Frank ) I won't elaborate any further, except to say that I own examples of both and IME they're not only right up your alley, but you're not going to find a better combination of tone, playability, and QC in the under-$1K bracket - and again speaking from experience, if they're not available in your area I ordered both of mine sight unseen/unplayed and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again...
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