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I never experienced this with my acoustics, but I thinking it may be because they were opened up when I bought them. I had a 414ce for about a year and it sounded the same when I sold it as it did the day I bought it. My 15 year old Seagull S6 I suspect I never even realized it opened up because I was such a new guitar player. Other than my Seagull and the Taylor 414, I've never kept an acoustic more than a year. I've been an electric player my entire live and really only plinked around on the Seagull from time to time.

As I get older, I am gravitating towards acoustic more and more. I'm honestly flirting dangerously close to becoming primarily acoustic as I haven't touched my electrics in close to a year.

PS (sorry for old thread resurrection....didn't realize it when I posted)
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