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Originally Posted by ewh2 View Post
Great work.

What will the second build be? The builder's bug must have bitten!
Oh in a big big way hahaha. I have already sold off all of my electric guitars except one, in order to fund a band saw, a belt/disk sander, a drum sander,some hand planes, some chisels...some stew mac foredom attachements, handpieces and router base jigs etc.
The next one has already been started in my own workshop, and will be a 12fret parlour based on Martin's parlour. I will be using Mopane back and sides with a western red cedar top...most likely with an ebony fretboard and bridge (the ones that I odered from LMI for this build, before I obtained the ABW...I'll make a build thread for that too, tho I reckon that one belongs in build and repair rather than custom shop.

This course has been without a doubt the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

Originally Posted by ewh2 View Post
Did you ever have a chance to play one of Casimi's flamenco guitars? The video of Derek Gripper playing a blanca is stunning. (Derek Gripper is a fine guitarist, one of my favourite contemporary guitarists)
Yes, I have actually had the priviledge of playing that exact Flamenco Blanca! Nowhere near as well as Derek does though

Derek actually lived in a cottage on the same property as the casimi workshop for a while. One of the guys who is building a guitar with me on this course was a student of his, and would often go for a lesson straight after the morning build session.
This kid (James) is a phenomenal guitar player, who often takes building breaks to play some guitar. I've seen James play Jarabi flawlessly too, which I believe is the song you'd have seen on youtube...
here is the link for anyone who has not:

Thanks so much for all your kind words guys. I am also proud as all hell and very impressed with the guitar I have managed to put together, although it would be very dishonest not to credit Matthias and Matthew for a whole lot of the work and precision seen in this instrument...They made sure that quality was built into this instrument, often taking the reigns when things got tight or I got nervous.
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