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Finally bound, and with a sound port cut. Many thanks to Tim McKnight, whom I emailed out of the blue, demanding information on sound port placement. Tim was incredibly helpful with his response, condensing the finding of years of experimentation into a comprehensive email.

the rib bevel looks sweet:

And that chamfer on the sound port edge matches the chamfer and layers in the headstock hollow:

Hell, even the black-white-black side and back purfling looks classy:

A little bit of neck shaping going down:

And a close up of the one bee sting mitre...I did not do this myself...Matthias Roux is a wizard with his Japanese chisel:

Dovetail joint cut, and everything fitting nice and snug:

The guitar is undergoing finishing at the moment. Hopefully we'll glue the neck joint on Saturday, then fret and fit the bridge the next saturday, and finally string her up...It has taken an absolute age, and for the last 8months, I have been convinced this baby would be ready in two months...if nothing else, this has been a exercise in patience...which, as I start my second build solo, I am realising is a large part of luthery.
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