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I love "V" electric and acoustic guitars. As gitnoob said, I like the way they fill my hand. I find them very comfortable. It's just speculation, but I think the peek of the "V" provides slight leverage in forming chords. But I also think your hand has to be the right size and fingers the right length for that to occur. If my hands were smaller I don't think I'd like "V" necks as much as I do. OTOH, I'm a bluegrass guy and I play very, very, few bar chords.
Take this all with a grain of salt. As I said, it's just speculation. But I have small hands and there has to be a reason I find "V" necks so comfortable. However, when I was playing jazz I found them not so comfortable because of all the bar chords. My jazz guitar (Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster archtop with P-90s) did not have a "V" neck.
When I was playing traditional blues and swing/jump blues I used a Tele and sometimes a Strat, both with "V" necks and liked them a lot. But I didn't play quite so many bar chords in those genres. Also, those guitars had an offset "V" (toward the 6th string) and were a little more comfortable for bar chords.
My advice is to play a D-18GE or any guitar with a "V" neck and see how you like it. Neck size and dimension is such an individual/personal thing.

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