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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
Are you playing dance music ?
If not, don't worry about the metronome - just play your acoustic guitar, and sing to hem, as well as you can.

Start with something upbeat and catchy. follow with something different, then try something sad.
Never do an intro longer than eight bars, four bars is better.

Give them a bit of a rest after three, maybe four songs, and chat and ask if they'd like some more.

When they start talking while you are singing, time to wind it up.

Don't be downhearted - small domestic gatherings have a very short attention span, and non musicians have no concept about how hard you've worked to give them those songs, and actually few people rally understand music.

Probably less is more, and if they ask for more after they'd had a chat and another drink, then be prepared.

Good advice- I play for my son and his family occasionally- they're impressed because they didn't know I had it in me and I've come a long way in the last 16 mos (IMO) and written some pretty good songs and do some fair covers of songs I like- but, they don't have a clue how much effort goes into each one and don't really care- my DIL has said; Wow! Pop, I couldn't do that- oh she did ask once when I played Janet for them; who's Janet - which is exactly what my other son said his wife would say - SMH- women-
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