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Originally Posted by Carpinteria View Post
Great post, Mark, and I really look forward to following it. I have a question, if you don’t mind. I’m going to purchase a new plane for jointing and have been debating between a low angle jack plane and a longer jointer plane. Your thoughts? Thanks! Dave
Thanks Dave, I went with the low angle jack plane because it is so versatile.
The plane is 14" long and the longest straight joint I use it for is about 22" when joining tops and backs.
When using a shooting board the length of the plane doesn't really matter because the level reference is the shooting board not the plane. Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by tadol View Post
Now, I see the products from Bridge City, Lee Valley, Lie-Neilsen, Veritas, and another dozen or more small shops making incredible items that are so fine - very much like the fine guitars we have to choose from these days, too -
Thanks for commenting tadol. That has been my impression too. There are a many small shop tool makers that have a deep passion making their tools just as there are a lot of luthiers making their guitars and passionate artists composing and performing their music on those guitars. You know only good things will come of that. A perfect storm of arts, skills and creativity
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