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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Thanks for posting this thread Mark. I'll be glad to learn how use of hand tools improves the quality. Hard to imagine with your guitars. Not doubting you ... just sayin'!
Thanks cigarfan, I’ve got more to come!

Originally Posted by srick View Post
Mark - you're bringing back many fond memories of perusing all of the goodies at the "Fine Tool Shoppes" and "Woodcraft Supply". Of course, their print catalogs were always close at hand and well thumbed through. Like many others, I am looking forward to this thread.

Many thanks.

Thanks Rick glad you’re following along on this one. I think so many people try working with basic hand tools and get frustrated but, once you have a quality tool and know how to use it it is a whole different game.

Originally Posted by Bill Kraus View Post
Great post Mr. Hatcher!. Years ago I bought a set of Lie-Nielsen hand planes and I use them consistently in my work. These, along with a nice set of chisels, are my favorite tools, and I think of how happy I am that I bought them all the time. Great quality American made tools.
I look forward to watching this post.
Thanks for commenting Bill. I agree hand planes and chisels are the work horses in a wood shop. There are so many applications for them especially in lutherie!
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