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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
Thanks for commenting Jack. I agree with you that Veritas runs toe to toe with Lie Nielsen and may even have an edge in some areas on different tools. If they are close Iíll go with Lie-Nielsen in most cases. This is mainly because of Lie-Nielsenís strong customer support and the fact they are so close to me. What I order today, Iíll get tomorrow. Itís an easy car ride for me to get to their show room where I can talk shop and try out any of the tools they make (once we get past this pandemic and their shop reopens). Thatís a tie breaker for me in most cases


I understand. I am jealous that you are so close Lie-Nielsen. It does make my marriage happier that I canít just drop in to look at tools. . Good look with your build. Iím going to be watching with great interest.

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