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Originally Posted by fitness1 View Post
Being an "old school" guy in almost everything I do - this will be very interesting to watch!
Thanks for following along Todd!

Originally Posted by Erithon View Post
You've written so much about this in your recent studio threads, Mark, that I am excited to see a dedicated thread that will highlight this central element of your builds
Thanks Erithon, Itís easy to get lost in writing about how much I like a good hand tool because well, once figured out they are quite lovable tools. However, there are actual end product quality improvements that come with using these tools properly and appropriately. I hope to show what some of improvements are.

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
I am with Todd on this one! Looking forward to more....

Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks Paul, glad to have you on board!

Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
..very interesting and adoreable.. to learn and revive those old and dwindling techniques. IĎm in to follow as well!
Great glad to have you along on this one Lonzo!

Originally Posted by jayhawk View Post

Great thread start.

As a woodworker, I agree with you about Lie-Nielsen tools. Nearly flawless. I would also add Veritas to that description. In fact Veritas might even be a little more innovative. Iíve invested in both (and at their prices it is an investment) and love them. Good tools make any work a pleasure.

Keep coming with your progress. Great choices of wood. It should be a beautiful guitar.

Thanks for commenting Jack. I agree with you that Veritas runs toe to toe with Lie Nielsen and may even have an edge in some areas on different tools. If they are close Iíll go with Lie-Nielsen in most cases. This is mainly because of Lie-Nielsenís strong customer support and the fact they are so close to me. What I order today, Iíll get tomorrow. Itís an easy car ride for me to get to their show room where I can talk shop and try out any of the tools they make (once we get past this pandemic and their shop reopens). Thatís a tie breaker for me in most cases

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