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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Fascinating! An engineering marvel. And it will make beautiful music!

Congrats Bob on another stellar build!
Thanks Dennis....

I share the construction process here on AGF in threads like this to help future guitarists considering commissioning an instrument to help them understand how each builder's work differs. What you can see here in the AGF Custom Shop is that there are MANY different ways to create a great instrument.

The internet is primarily a visual medium. So showing how an instrument was created (what and how), some insights into the "why" is important. When I pick up a guitar and play it and it sounds different from another it provides me with a small glimmer of insight.

Yes, we can hear audio and video on the internet, but I have never found them to meaningfully capture what a truly great guitar sounds like (even when professionally recorded). That is why I am a big advocate of attending luthier exhibitions to sample a builder's work. The same guitar played by different players can sound heavenly or just "OK". The player and the guitar are actually a "system".
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