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Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
Congrats. Mark is a first rate builder and a nice guy in general. For many years I have enjoyed owning one of his Bristlecone guitars
Derek, I totally agree and that is why I am back for a second instrument . Mark for the last decade has been a bit less as visible to the custom guitar market so many who frequent this forum may not know his work like we do. Like yourself, I am a big fan and hope others discover his instruments.

Originally Posted by Diamondave View Post
EXCITING, thx for sharing, this will be fun watching come together.... I recall meeting Mark at the 2009 or 2011 Healdsburg show and playing his 100th guitar, it was unreal...
Yes, my guess is #100 may have been at Healdsburg 2009. Mark made may more guitars over the first 15-years of his time at the bench, but has only been building about 3 guitars a year over the last decade. Mark's guitar's certainly have a unique voice which I happen really like. As you watch this guitar come together you will be able to see "why".

Originally Posted by BlackKeys36 View Post
Congrats on the new build! I stumbled across one of Mark's guitars about a month ago and was blown away by the sound. This one will turn out incredible!
Thanks. I believe that there are a few currently at Mike Joyce's and Paul Heumiller's shops.

Originally Posted by Richard Mott View Post
Mark Blanchard makes superlative instruments! Here’s Carl Miner playing one:
Thanks for posting the video...
A bunch of nice archtops, flattops, a gypsy & nylon strings…
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