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Thanks for the continued discussion. The guitar in question has a long thru saddle and cannot accommodate a UST without routing the slot, which I'd rather not do. So, I plan on using the K&K as the piezo in a single, or dual source system. The Anthem SL is attractive because the Tru Mic is movable and sounds good for the highs. It might be a bit too mid focused, so I liked the idea of the side of the bridge plate in your diagram.

Cuki found the patent drawings and sent it to me. I can't post it here, but essentially, the pickup source in the SL goes through a high pass filter, a "processor", and a low pass filter. They do not specify what the "processor" is. Compression, phase reversal, etc? We don't think it's EQ because the do the HPF and LPF as distinct stages. So what does this mean? Exactly what you surmised. Regardless of other gain or impedance issues, the K&K pickup is unlikely to be reproduced faithfully with the "special sauce" Baggs preamp.

I'm back to my original plan: Seymour Duncan Wavelength Duo with the K&K in place of the Element. The Duo preamp is analog and has bass and treble pots, and no other processing to my knowledge. It's not very feedback resistant, but it sounds pretty good and it's simple. The mic, on the other hand, is inferior to the TruMic. The Duncan setup is best when you're primarily satisfied with the pickup sound, but want to add air - and you don't want external processing equipment. That's the situation I am in.
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