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Originally Posted by philjs View Post
You need one of these...

Hmmm, this review of this cable on Amazon has me concerned: "Heads up buying this cable. It is meant to power a Voodoo Labs Power supply ONLY! The polarity on it is negative ring (outer) and center (inner) positive. There is no mention of this on the packaging, Amazon, Voodoo Labs and other websites as of this date. Most 9 volt pedals are wired opposite of this cable with (outer) positive and (inner) negative. You need to know the polarity of your pedal requires or you may fry it. I alerted Voodoo labs about this and they do not make a negative (inner) positive (outer) right-angle direct to battery pedal power cable. They offered me a straight barrel connector to allow me to cut the wire and switch the polarity. Not the function I was hoping for, but a solution. Hence the one star to draw your attention to this potentially misleading product/function."
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