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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
I'm proud to say that i have NEVER been to buy fast food whilst in my car ...come to think of it I only ever bought a macdonalds once after working for 12 hours solid with no food.
I took one bite of that greasy processed meat product, and left it on the counter.
Having worked at McD (I was actually a restaurant manager while in high school and college) I am actually more aware of the inner-workings.

Things are different now but I can attest (as an expert with first hand knowledge) that the food you get at McDonald's is not processed "pink slime".

The burgers are frozen 100% ground beef - the exact same as you get in the grocery store if you buy frozen patties.


It's not healthy to eat lots of deep fried foods of course but it's also not healthy to eat an ice cream cone twice every day.

McDonald's is clean and the food is fresh and not harmful - haters will always exaggerate the dangers on the Internet etc.

But it's amazing to think that they could (quite literally) give a person enough calories and variety where they could live by eating every single day for $1 to $2 a day.

I don't eat red meat at all anymore and I don't touch HFCS so my choices there are limited but even after being there a lot I never once got sick of the food and always found it fresh and good.

Not arguing against choice or preference (we all like different things) - just arguing about the mob mentality that likes to hate on them with mis-information.
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