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Default Volvo like Trigger’s broom?

I came across a world record recently that seems a bit of an odd one. Apparently, a guy called Irvin Gordon bought his Volvo P-1800S in June 1966 and in 2013 clocked up 3 million miles in it. This gave him the record of most miles by one (private) driver in the same car.

This got me thinking. That’s an average of 64,000 miles per year in a car made when 64,000 miles would have been considered the limit for the life of a car.

How did he get time to go to work to pay for the fuel?

It also brought to mind a character from the British Sitcom, ‘Only fools and horses’ in which the character of Road Sweeper ‘Trigger’ claimed to have had the same broom for 20 years – “It’s had 17 new heads and 14 new handles” he said.

I wonder how much of the original Volvo was in place when it clocked up 3,000,000 miles.
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