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Originally Posted by eatswodo View Post
Looks way close to me too....

If you don't mind the ends of your nut hanging off the sides of the fingerboard That would drive me, umm, nuts.

There's only one nut *width* that will fit any given guitar (without major surgery). What we're really talking about is string spacing at the nut, not nut width.
Yes, this is all true. I still have to sand and shape the edges of the nut so they're not square and so they don't extend *slightly* beyond the edge of the neck. But the fretboard handles the increased string spacing just fine without the high or low strings ever having the slightest tendency to fall off the frets. I have a medium to small hand and I need to fret the bass string with my thumb, when the strings are offset inwards from the edge of the fretboard like the OF660 is stock then it leads to serious pain in my thumb. Set up the way it is now this guitar player absolutely perfectly for me.
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