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Originally Posted by pf400 View Post
Actually I have 16 songs not 6. ......My budget is 2000 maximum.
If that's the budget, I would pare it down to 6 and hope you can find someone with some actual ability and experience to do an EP for you. You want recording, embellishment, adding of instruments.... on 16 songs..mastering.???Maybe try a music school that has an upperclassman needing an engineering project.

Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
I've not heard any examples of this, but if you add tracks, the piece would have to be remixed and remastered.
Of course.

Originally Posted by MikeBmusic View Post
.... CD sales are WAY down.....Most new cars are not coming with a player, new computers don't come with one...
Wife and I bought new cars last week - no CD players offered. As for computers, not so much. I purchased a new iMac a few months ago for editing and they still come with optical players.
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