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Most guitars that I have encountered that have straight holes have holes that are 3/16" or equivalent metric size. Standard size pins don't bottom out in those holes. Reaming them larger fits the pins.

If your situation is that the pins bottom out in straight holes, the question is why? Are the holes larger than typical or are the pins smaller than typical? I'd start by measuring the diameter of the holes.

If the holes are larger than typical, you can make the holes smaller. One way to do that is to coat the bore of each hole with epoxy or CA glue, then, after the glue hardens fully, ream to fit the pins. It is easy to do.

If the pins are smaller than typical, you can purchase standard sized pins and ream to fit those after receiving the new pins.

The disadvantage of using oversize pins is that they are a non-standard size. That said, several luthier supply houses sell oversize pins, including and probably Either way, you'll need to know what size holes you have to determine if you can get pins that large.
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