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Originally Posted by Gallopinghost View Post
Thanks for taking the time to chime in , Steve. That input means a lot, especially coming from a luthier such as yourself.

From my understanding he lives out on Lopez. Makes me wonder what the new property looks like.
You know, now that I think about it... When he was living on Bainbridge, he told us he had six acres of woodland property, which he bought when he was "younger". And he had a large, immaculate, craftsman-style house, full of museum-quality furniture, all of which he built himself.
I imagine that the property, and the house and shop, must have escalated astronomically in value during the '90s and 00's. Ken worked very hard all his life, never had a lot of money, but he built a great life for himself by investing in land, and using his own labor (sweat equity, he called it) to increase its value.
So maybe he decided to retire and sell off his holdings for a couple or three million, and retired to Lopez Island, where the urban sprawl and neuvo-riche of Seattle have not yet encroached. If so, I hope he is enjoying his life to the max in his own slice of paradise, because he truly earned it!
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