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I met Ken Savage at Healdsburg '03, I think it was, and came to discover he was a neighbor. I was living in Seattle, and Ken was living in his house on six acres of wooded property out on Bainbridge Island. My shop partner, Aaron Andrews, and I went out to visit him, and were blown away by his huge, absolute dream of a workshop, and his craftsman-style house, which he built himself.
Ken had a lot of history in wooden boat building- hence the huge shop- and he was clearly a gifted craftsman in ALL the woodworking arts, from house building to lutherie. I think he was fairly new to guitar making at the time, but his instruments were pretty highly evolved.
At the time, I was working peripherally in Lutherie, still working a full time "real" job, so we kind of drifted out of touch. But Ken always impressed me as an amazingly talented and capable man, having built such a life for himself on pure "sweat equity".
I don't know if he dropped out of lutherie and got back into boat building, or just quietly retired to enjoy the fruits of his life-long labor, or what became of him. I hope he is still alive and well, and I will always wish him well. I regarded him as a man I would aspire to emulate.
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