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Originally Posted by mikejboss View Post
it's hard to find songs that are interesting on just the guitar and don't all sound the same.
Hi Mike,

Well I jump at any opportunity to champion the music of Dave Evans In terms of interesting instrumentals he's the uncrowned king, in my opinion. Some of the tunes have a very bluesy feel whilst others have a celtic tinge, and many are obscure fusions between different genres. Some don't even seem to adhere to a genre I would recognise.

Listen to "Insanity Rag", "Steppenwolf" and "Grey Hills" on the Myspace page:

Or for one of his trickiest tunes, watch this clip of him:

I have a couple tabs, if interested - All of them are available on Stefan Grossman's website I believe. This stuff has kept me entertained and challenged beyond my wildest dreams for a couple years now.

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