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Originally Posted by MCDEMO1 View Post
If I can sell a couple of wood bodies I might finally join the CF ownership group.

Does Rainsong make any 6-string guitars with a string spread at the saddle greater than 2-3/16" (the Al Petteway sig) ?
Nothing on the Rainsong website or ads, and past emails with Rainsong were not helpful. Elderly told me the newer Nashville/Vintage models were 2-5/32".

I know you can get 2-1/4" as standard from Emerald.

I prefer a neck with good depth, 1-3/4" nut minimum, and 2-5/16" or 2-3/8" string spread. I have fairly wide hands and play bare fingers - no picks or nails. I can handle narrower and low profile, but far prefer the deeper and wider configurations.

I guess I could get a 12 string and remove the octaves.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Hi Mark

I brought out the callipers and measured the N2 standard neck on my H-DR/T.

At the nut:
- thickness: 22.2 mm, 0.876”, 7/8”
- width: 44.6 mm, 1.752”, 1 3/4”
- string width: 38.8 mm, 1.528”, 1 17/32”

At 12th fret:
- thickness: 23.6 mm, 0.931”, 15/16”
- width: 54.7 mm, 2.153”, 2 1/4”
- string width: 47.0 mm, 1.850”, 1 7/8”

At bridge:
- string width: 56.0 mm, 2.207”, 2 3/16”

The N2 neck is a medium D shape with a flattish fretboard and squarish (not rounded) edges that I find easy to fret without over squeezing.

The 2 3/16” bridge spacing is almost 2 4/16” so I’m OK.

Because of square edges there seems to be room to widen the string width by 1/16” + 1/16” without playing the E strings off the sides of the fretboard.

Some folks just notch the saddle to get a bit more width.

If needed, choose a good guitar tech who can fill the pin holes with epoxy and re-drill. You can read about this at Frank Ford’s

String width at the nut can be widened by replacing with a blank Tusq nut slotted to taste.

(BTW the $75 tobacco burst finish (metallic medium copper + dark copper) is gorgeous and a great option. And no cost options are the NS 24.9” neck (same profile as N2), and the N1 shallow profile neck.)


2018 RainSong H-DR1000N2/T copper burst - carbon fibre
2016 CA Cargo black - carbon fibre
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2014 Fender Concert Pro (New Hartford) - red spruce, mahogany

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