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Default Penelope Cross-Over update

I have a number of guitars in process in the studio right now. I have a couple I'm working on for Tom's B.I.G. show, a couple that were scheduled custom starts and finally a couple that have run into over time. These overtime guitars are the "Tree" Josie I've been showing which has gone through the regular finish process for the neck, back and sides and then the French polish process for the sound board.

The other guitar that has run into overtime is this Penelope cross-over. The extra time is it has a number of features I have never done on this model. It is the first Penelope model I have done with a Florentine cut-away and the first cross-over I've done with an elevated fretboard and the first with an arm bevel. I'm also working with waterfalls figured Bubinga wood for the neck and a Larry Robinson inlayed fretboard which threw some additional logistics into the mix but, here's a peek at how it's coming along:

Thanks for viewing!
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