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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Some confusion ? I was not asking about the distance to the mic's ,,, you said a 12 ft HDMI cable which would indicate the possible distance between the computer and the display ??? and I was asking why that distance would be the case ?


Here is something I just stumbled on that is a stark example of what absorption panels can do for a room
Now there is a lot extraneous blather but from about 1:00 on the difference between the untreated room and the treated is quite noticeable .

I believe he is describing Owens Corning 703 or equivalent
Yes I have acoustic panels and building some more.

The Idea of my studio is quick put up and take down. As an example...I have quick releases not only for the microphones...but for the Boom Arms. This enables me to have a living room that is for company, Movie watching, dining, and my other hobbies as well as recording.

When I record acoustic guitar, I face the opposite direction of the computer desk. Thus, I can not see the guitar's recording levels. The idea of the long 12 foot to be able to move the monitor to be in front of the microphones so I can see the recording levels. Again...a quick turn about...a quick recording set up. I can go from my normal sit at desktop recording viewing of levels function, simply by picking up the computer and moving it.

Frank's suggestion about using a smaller Tablet is one that I have been contemplating. I did not know about the remote apt. That would solve any extra cabling at all. The Tablet is small enough & light enough that I could lift it to eye level to see just the recording levels. However, a Tablet might cost as much as a small monitor? And In order to use the remote apt would I need to pay for a telephone service? I will need to investigate this more. I do not use a smart phone. Still a land line user. One of the few left.
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