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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
The mics will really only be 6 feet or less from the desktop. But you always want extra cable lengths in case I have to go around something. So 12 feet seemed appropriate. Nothing worse that buying too short.
Some confusion ? I was not asking about the distance to the mic's ,,, you said a 12 ft HDMI cable which would indicate the possible distance between the computer and the display ??? and I was asking why that distance would be the case ?

On the plus side...a living room with an open wall that goes right into a den. Plus I have recessed skylights. So the room even with out baffling sounds pretty good. With sound panels then it becomes very reasonable. I hope. I will find out soon enough when I get down to business.....recording business that is.

Here is something I just stumbled on that is a stark example of what absorption panels can do for a room
Now there is a lot extraneous blather but from about 1:00 on the difference between the untreated room and the treated is quite noticeable .

I believe he is describing Owens Corning 703 or equivalent

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