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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
So the Studio will be 12 ft from the display ?
Why is that ? Also just a side note given you are a live alone do you have any way to get your system out of the corner ? That is the least desirable place for monitoring with loudspeakers Trust me I do it in my bedroom and it is not a great situation ..
The mics will really only be 6 feet or less from the desktop. But you always want extra cable lengths in case I have to go around something. So 12 feet seemed appropriate. Nothing worse that buying too short.

No question you are right...poor place for monitors.
However, I have a second set of speakers that I can place anywhere in the living room. I can quickly move them around. As I am running old style amplifier with A & B sets and long run of high quality speaker wire.

And realistically, I will monitor through headphones for recording quality. As far as mixing, I intend to hire out for that. Regardless of where I place the speakers, or how good a room you have...mixing is something that I am better off leaving to someone else. An entirely different opinion I have about recording though; I believe that I will have the best knowledge for recording myself. Because, my style of playing is slightly different. Because I have and will go to greater lengths of time in order to experiment. In a recording studio...we are time constricted. There of course are exceptions. Vocal recording....I might be better off in a studio with more mic selections.

I sometimes teach Wood arrow & Flemish string making. While the Bow itself is the most expensive part of archery...the Arrow and the string can make the biggest difference in accuracy. But most people don't realize that. They place all the trust in the bow itself. There are just too many variables depending on your shooting styles, bow weight & limb lengths, and arrow spine. Nobody is going to spend all the time needed to make a perfect arrow or string as you will. it is just not economical. In many ways recording is much like this. You certainly would not use the same techniques and equipment for recording Pete Townsend as you Would Michael Watts.

I taught a Flemish String class at a traditional rendezvous in Pennsylvania many years back. There was a commercial string maker that attended my class. She was extremely interested in learning my technique. Half way through the class She threw up her arms and said " I am sorry, there is no way I could spend all the time you are, and make a profit!"

I have a feeling that most of us here pretty much feel the same way about why we record ourselves. Otherwise we all would have just hired out a recording studio. Hopefully that is the case...that we can record ourselves a little bit better.

On the plus side...a living room with an open wall that goes right into a den. Plus I have recessed skylights. So the room even with out baffling sounds pretty good. With sound panels then it becomes very reasonable. I hope. I will find out soon enough when I get down to business.....recording business that is.
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