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Originally Posted by terryd913 View Post
I hope I ask my question correctly for suggestions. I may have to amend after some responses.

I play a blues in A solo, that would sound great when playing along with a rhythm player. It’s in 4/4 time and of course a melody note is not played on every beat or off beat. In order to complete my lead measures do I need to count in order to finish the 12 bars when the rhythm player finishes as well as play correct notes with each rhythm player bars. This is hard for me.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, count first and tap your foot along with it. I know it's hard at first. When I first did this it felt alien, but once you keep on doing it you'll get muscle memory and you'll start to feel it.

One thing that helped me was playing with a metronome. I couldn't tap my foot with the beat while playing simultaenously at first and having the metronome with visuals accents really helped. Then I slowly started incorporating tapping my foot measure by measure until I could do it.

Start at 60bpm, play leads in whole, quarter, eights and eventually sixteenths notes. When you can do all of it, then go up 5-10bpm faster. Take your time and don't rush.

Pick a song, band-mate or backing track that plays around the BPM you're comfortable with and practice you're whole, quarter, eights and sixteenths runs. I guess you can practice your phrasing this way too

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