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Originally Posted by terryd913 View Post
I hope I ask my question correctly for suggestions. I may have to amend after some responses.

I play a blues in A solo, that would sound great when playing along with a rhythm player. It’s in 4/4 time and of course a melody note is not played on every beat or off beat. In order to complete my lead measures do I need to count in order to finish the 12 bars when the rhythm player finishes as well as play correct notes with each rhythm player bars. This is hard for me.

Thanks in advance.

No terry you really do not want to be counting while playing blues. If you have not yet internalised the chord changes then you are not ready to play lead, there are lots of play along blues books with cd available so get one of these, note the different types of blues progression in common use so slow change, quick change, ragtime blues etc and play along with the chords untill you have memorised and internalised the changes without needing to count, sing the words to yourself in your head as you play, only when you can change chords in the right place without needing to count will you be ready to try playing lead and no it sounds much better if you don't play a note on every beat or off beat, as others have written it's all about phrasing so listen lots to the great players, personally I have allways loved big band swing so I gravitate to imitating the way horn players play jump blues.
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