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Default 1937 Martin 000-18, Mahogany/Adirondack Spruce

This is a beautifully preserved 1937 000-18 that's very, very ready for more action. Our repair folks have gone over it from tuner to tail to confirm that, and given this Martin a clean bill of health. Adirondack Spruce over Mahogany, lightweight at 3lbs 13oz, with a few repairs over the years to keep it in tip top shape. We’ve got both the original tuners and the original case, and can ship this beauty either the originals or with the Waverly Relic’d tuners (currently installed) and an aftermarket case. The voice is crisp and woody with even decay across the strings. It fingerpicks very well, and takes to a flatpick pretty naturally to boot. We love the cleanness and clarity; the balance across the registers really makes for well-defined chords. This prewar beauty is a classic 000-18 all the way.

A classic from one of the most sought after years of Martin guitars. This one plays great and has a clear, bell-like tone we all love about prewar Mahogany guitars from Nazareth. - Paul Heumiller

Cash Price:$14995

For more information please visit:

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