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Originally Posted by Martin Maniac View Post
Yes I know, I've written lots of music using EBEEBE Tuning. That's one CSN uses a lot. I've read that the Rolling Stones use an open G tuning because Keith Richards has arthritis in his hands, and it's either that or nothing.
That's not even remotely true about the arthritis and his G tunings, the real reason Keith uses G tunings is because, early on in his career, he was hanging with guys like Jesse Ed Davis, Taj Majal, and Ry Cooder who were using open tunings for slide, and Keith who was interested in the sound, started applying the tuning to new chord shapes as he was intrigued by the way the chords sounded with the repeating notes and the octave drones. And his G tuning is special as he only uses 5 strings GDGBD (low to high). That way he has the root note on top!

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