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Originally Posted by Martin Maniac View Post
Well I did some research and ended up buying an Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog. I found this video of Eric Clapton playing one.....just like the one I ordered.....

I got it at zzsounds......

only problem is it is back ordered, so I don't know when I'll get it....

"UPDATE: It should be in at the end of the month per zzsounds."

Due to financing problems this order will be delayed for about two weeks anyhow.
I think the Epiphone reso is a good budget reso, but the one that Eric Clapton is a vintage 1930's Model 45 Dobro with a swapped neck that sounds nothing like the one you just bought. The construction is different (spruce top and ebony fingerboard on the vintage dobro)and the cone is QUITE a bit different, and the cone makes up most of the tone. The Epiphones are made to look like that, but trust me when I say the don't sound remotely alike. I've played more than enough of them to know that first hand.

Here's one like Eric Clapton is playing, but according to some people in the know his has a swapped neck...
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