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Default Build Thread: Tahoe Guitars Madi RW/BC Lutz 00-14

My latest build by Larry Nair of Tahoe Guitars is underway. It will be a Madagascar Rosewood and bearclaw Lutz Spruce 00-14 long scale. Originally this was going to be an OM with a Carpathian top, but I decided I wanted a slightly smaller guitar with a more lush tone. The 25.4" scale on the 00-14 body pushes the bridge slightly more toward the center of the top. Larry has built a number of these and they have all been robust, powerful little guitars.

The Lutz top is quite light, very strong and has great tap tone. The goal is a guitar with a large dynamic range and a lush voice. The Madi RW set is nice, but not hugely figured. It does have a very rich butterscotch brown hue and great tap tone. The guitar body will be bound in curly mahogany, the neck in ebony.

I have posted some pics of the woody bits. I will keep this thread updated as pics roll in.

Tahoe Guitars 00-14

Top: Bearclaw Lutz Spruce
Back/Sides: Madagascar Rosewood
Binding: Curly Mahogany/Ebony
Neck: Five-piece mahogany/curly maple/walnut
Bridge/Fingerboard/Headplate: Ebony
Bracing: Adirondack Spruce
Frets: EVO Gold
Pearl Inlay: Logo, Rosette, 12th Fret
Nut: 1 3/4"
Saddle: 2 1/4"
Scale: 25.4"
Saddle/Nut/Pins: Bone

We are trying to get some nice 1/4" curly maple neck lams. Examples in the picture below. One maple board with a lot of fine curl at the surface (the one pictured above) didn't yield much curl on the narrow quartered edge of the neck lam (curl is visible on the slab side). The next attempt will be a board with thicker curl. You can see it shows nice curl on the quartered edge, but hasn't yet been taken down to the 1/4" thickness. We shall see if the curl remains visible at 1/4".

EDIT: 30 seconds after posting this, Larry sent me pics with the new curly maple neck lams cut to 1/4" thickness. I think the pic below tells the story. The neck mock-up in back shows the latest maple lams with the walnut center lam...lots of curl. The front mock-up shows one of the lams from the first board...not much curl visible. The darker neck (with wings) is sapele, which we will not be using. The actual neck will be built from the mahogany boards at the rear of the pic.

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