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Originally Posted by nolegsfngrpickn View Post
Now that I'm playing out more the shortcomings of the GS Minis are starting to become more evident, especially the ones that occur when capo'd: tuning instability and anemic sound. It's not that big of a deal at home, but live is another story.

I'm considering swapping these out for Grand Concerts, specifically the 322ce. The cutaway will make some stuff at the higher registers easier, and the longer scale length should take care of the capo issue.

I do love the GS Mini, and this Shaded Edge I'll likely be listing first has had some pretty substantial upgrades, including real abalone inlays. Only reason I probably wouldn't keep one is because I recently purchased a Furch Little Jane which is an absolutely amazing parlor guitar for travel.

I'd probably start with the 322ce and eventually pick up a second 322e for the alternate tunings.
I mean why not just get a Furch OM?
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