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I can't escape it because of use and market share. In my day job and for organizations where I volunteer many just go there.

It is nice to the extent that it is a view or peak at family and old friends stuff with people you just can't or don't see often. It's not so nice when you see how some are doing better than others in various ways but that's life. We're a lot less the same several decades after kindergarten or 3rd grade.

My work does show something very dangerous with Facebook but the sources are often not even Facebook and beyond. There are systems and services that create large databases of knowledge for malicious and fake content. Some is available to any home user such as the free version of Cisco Umbrella that was once OpenDNS. I have that at commercial grade and other state of the art products with a network-based security system that monitors all traffic. I see truly fake and dangerous news get flagged.

It can be Facebook but very often it's content linked via Facebook that is truly bad stuff created to manipulate people. It's even been stuff people will link in very well moderated forums like this that can raise a flag when behind those systems. Stuff the great staff here has no or little control over. We're in an era where we have to be vigilant.

For sure I do not consider popular social media as news the way many do. In this era I subscribe to or get at the library credible news whether or not it fits my leanings. Not doing stuff like that and only getting info in circles where it supports our personal leanings is my biggest bother with the Facebook era.

You can tune your Facebook experience too. I've blocked some nonsense. If the security systems I mentioned flag malicious or truly fake content I also take the time to report it to Facebook. This leaves my feed rather decent. I see the important friends and family stuff and see what I must for work and the volunteering I do.
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