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I've been thinking of signing up for YouTube under a pseudonym. Personally, I don't WANT to be spammed by people I deliberately cut out of my life in the interests of self preservation - much like the one I use here.

I have no interests in using it to share family stories; I would use it purely as a networking tool for special interests - again, much as I do here. I have no interest in either exploiting my family for monetary gain unless it were to benefit the family as a whole, and my wife is NOT on board for that because we value what privacy we can afford in this day and age. Unfortunately, in this "selfie" age I see too many younger families doing just that and it concerns me.

BTW, my wife is on Facebook and she gets "lost" in it while I try to initiate conversations. I literally have to text her from somewhere else in the house to get a response without spooking her out of her reverie. It amazes me how in this age of "wokeness" we seem to be sleep walking.

That being said, as a professional looking to promote one's abilities or craftsman looking to promote their wares or an artist looking to promote their talent I see a certain usefulness to it - but still I see the potential for seduction and feel it can be dangerous. Just like fire, if you play with it you might get burned.
~ Neil (sofa player, shower singer and basement whittler)
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