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Originally Posted by lossforgain View Post
Not trying to rain on your parade, but I did not enjoy the DRS1 that I owned for about a week. I tried hard to like it, but the neck was extremely heavy for the instrument and made it feel very unbalanced. While the body is solid wood, it didn't give me all the resonance I felt it should. I returned the guitar and bought a used D-15M to replace it, which is what my ears and hands were really looking for. It's my go-to acoustic now.
You make a good point about the neck. At some point, I tried a Road Series guitar and it had a stratabond neck. Though I'm sure it's very stable, it was really heavy and I didn't like it. My 2016 000RS1 does NOT have a stratabond neck and I really like it.

It will be interesting to see what neck OP ends up with. I hope its not a stratabond.
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