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I personally tend to avoid sub ~1600$ like the plague, but I once played this (loved the 1,75 nut and 'solid ish' build. Sounded okay, but not like anything a 1000 dollar Eastman can get you.

Reviews have always been very praising though;

[I][I]As impressive as the DRS1 is visually and in terms of its presentation, nothing prepares you for the boisterous, lively tone. With its snappy, tight bass the DRS1 pitches chords with depth and soul while a bright, clear top end adds sweetness to the timbre.

Of particular note are the stirring articulate mids, which offer a likeable tone for fingerstyle, hybrid picking and flatpicking alike. Overall the DRS1 has a responsive, dynamic projection too.

Plugged in, the DRS1 has a bright, vibrant tone that, when pushed, becomes a little brittle. In truth, the Fishman system fitted is entry-level and it does little more than simply offer a usable amplified output.

The tone control doesn't have a significant effect on the output, but it does just enough to tame enthusiastic strumming. That said, the package as a whole works very well and, again, for the cost, you're getting a lot of guitar for your money.

While enjoying the strident output of the DRS1, we had to keep reminding ourselves that this Martin electro - which comes complete with a 300 series hard shell case - an MSRP of only 800, cheaper on the street. In terms of sheer value for money, not least with that iconic name on the headstock, the DRS1 is going to take some beating.
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