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Default NAD; Accoustic A20, $129 at GC right now

When I got my LB Mini about two years ago, I was very impressed by this basic acoustic amp, especially by the 10-inch speaker. I just thought the LB Mini was a better amp and the standard against which all the other lower priced amps are compared.

When anyone came here asking about an amp for less than $200, I've been recommending this one. Well GC has put it on sale for $129, so I decided to put my money where my mouth was and I picked one up today. I just had a great time playing my two guitars with pickups, a Martin GPCRSG with a JBB and a Martin GP28 with a Fishman Matrix VT Enhance. Both sounded great. Tomorrow I'll try play into an mic.

It's fun so even if you only play at home, this isn't much of an investment if you want to see how your guitar sounds plugged in or mic'ed.

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