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Default Dream Series #8

I am behind by at least three guitars as far as showing completion photos is concerned. I will get to that, but I have been liking my outdoor pictures lately, and the weather is abysmal.

So today I have started a new guitar. It has been a few years since I have made a guitar for Dream Guitars, but before the banking debacle i made quite a few. 7 of those were what Paul Heumiller calls "Dream Series", and since I made a special label for the series, it makes sense that we will make another of those . . . sort of. The "Dream Series" is not exclusive to my work, and a number of other luthiers also make "Dream Series" for Paul, but in our case is mean something fairly specific. Our "Dream Series", so far, are all Brazilian Rosewood/EuroSpruce fully asymmetrical MultiScale 15" and 16" guitars, what I call JB-15 and JB-16. This one will be a JB-16 with Brazilian Rosewood supplied by Paul and Rivolta Italian Spruce for the top. All of this wood has been in my shop for over ten years.

Here are the back and top ready to be joined: