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Default Final set up

I did the final set up on Roland's (The Bard Rocks) guitar this morning;

As you can see the Sitka top has some crazy bear claw figure and a lot of red in it which goes quite well with the coloring of the back;

The back is African Padauk "bacon" figure and there is a lot of flame figure too. I've taken to calling it flaming bacon. We went with the same wood for the heel cap, center laminate of the neck, the back strap, rosette, and the sculpted pillow top of the headstock;

The binding on the body, neck and headstock is African Blackwood;

The bridge, fret board and custom tuner buttons are Macassar Ebony;

And the sound port is made of nothing at all

This is my Josie small jumbo model. It has a 25.5" scale length with 1 3/4" nut and 2 1/4" spacing at the saddle. We used Evo gold frets. The orchid inlays on the headstock and 12th fret are done in white mother of pearl and pink fresh water clam.

So how does it sound? Well Roland is coming to pick it up tomorrow. ask him!

Thanks for following along an this build it's been a lot of fun working with The Bard Rocks!

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