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Default Who makes the "best" Martin-inspired guitar?

I have guitars from 4 of the individuals mentioned and for the most part I agree with Bob that Bruceís guitars are at the top of my list. With that being said my Slobod Circa is as an amazing reproduction of a 1930 Martin (fit, finish,woods in a class of their own) as I have ever played. As such I am on Johnís list for 2022.

Somogyi OMc Braz/Euro
Walker OM Brazilian/Adi
Walker 000-12 Cocobolo/Sitka
Olson SJ Braz/Cedar
Sexauer Kerala Brazilian/Adi
Sexauer L-00c Pernambuco/Euro
Brondel A2c Cuban Hog/Euro
Legeyt CL Honduran Hog/Adi
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